1813 French antique 'Costumes Parisienne'

1813 French antique 'Costumes Parisienne'


Charming 1800s hand painted fashion plate engraving which features twelve fabulous 'Chapeau de Reps' hat designs.

Plate 1287 / 1800- 1813 Costume Parisien Chapeau de Reps

In the years between 1811 and 1813 a fun hat shape was seen everywhere, a chapeau with a rounded crown or a casque, which closely resembled the shape of a helmet. Inspired by both classical antiquity and military influences. Milliners favoured velvet, satin or silk reps (sometimes: silk rips) when creating this particular hat.

While the models prior to 1811 often had a soft crown, the later ones almost always were made of a stiff crown using straw or felt. The hats were sported without decoration or with a feather plume or in summer with a flower bouquet

Handmade antique gold leaf on paper and glass frame. Please note that the frame has a few signs of wear (after +150 years).

This is a treasure which I found at a recent Chateau estate sale in Provence.

'Dans son jus' as they say in France, timeworn but still very special.


11cm in width x 20cm in height

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