1920s French hand painted childrens illustration

1920s French hand painted childrens illustration


Incredibly charming childrens handpainted illustration from the 1920s signed by artist 'Sky'.

These are originals, part of a series which were found inside a dusty painters folder in the attic of a home in Goult in Provence.

There are several examples of this particular painting available and four different 'stories'; 'Confidences' (Secrets); 'La Baiser' (The Kiss); 'La Rencontre' (The first meeting); and 'Qu'elle est Belle!' (Oh how pretty she is!).

Beautiful handwriting, handpainted illustration.

These would be wonderful framed for a childrens bedroom or as part of the decoration for a childrens toy store or clothing store.

Please note the rip on the top left corner of illustration.
Corners are bent and a little ragged but this lends to the charm of the painting
The painting has been painted on a heavy quality card.

Height 31cm
Width 20cm

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