1800s French jacquard woven silk brocade fabric

1800s French jacquard woven silk brocade fabric


Antique 1800s French jacquard woven rose brocade armchair seat cushion cover.

This is a recuperated antique upholstery brocade from late 1800s. There are still the original upholstery nails around the edge of the silk.

It is in good enough condition to be used for upholstery and / or sewing projects as it is intact. There are one pulled thread (which can easily be restored) and no apparent tears / holes.

It is unusually shaped - it would have originally been a square and the fabric made have been recuperated to patch up another chair cover.

The biggest section (relatively uncut) measures 45 x 30cm

Attached is a slim cut which is 24cm at widest point and 37cm in length.

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