Antique 1800s antique handwritten Piano Music sheets

Antique 1800s antique handwritten Piano Music sheets


Beautiful and rare, very early 19th Century handwritten music sheets which which once belonged to Marquis Frederic.

In my research there was only one Marquis Frederic in 19th Century France, Fr̩d̩ric Ga��tan de La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, who was a much celebrated politician and published writer in the early 19th Century.

Beautiful calligraphy on the cover of this handmade book (hidden under a protective cover of heavy 1800s wallpaper.

The paper inside is quite heavy and features 27 handwritten music for 18th & 19th century songs and operas.

A collection of music which is over two hundred years old, a must buy for antique paper and ephemera collectors but also music lovers alike.

Please note that they wallpaper cover is timeworn at the edges but the book is intact.

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