Antique 1907 sketchbook with hand drawn maps

Antique 1907 sketchbook with hand drawn maps


Beautiful and intact early 1900s Art College sketchbook (Cahier de Croquis) which once belonged to a M. Reynaud from Lyon and is dated 1907

"Ecole Superieure du Palais des Beaux Arts, Cahier de Croquis, M. Reynaud.

Inside are over 24 hand drawn maps which include:
-Region de Pyrenees
- Massif Centrale
- Bassin Aquitaine et Vallee de la Garonne
- Le Rhone
- Mer Mediterranee
- Le Jura
- Les Alpes
- Region du Sud Est
- La France avant 1871; La France apres 1871
- Afrique Physique
- Amerique Politique
- La France
- Planisphere

The notebook measures 27cm in height & 19.5 width

This is one of several pieces which I found at an estate sale in a house from 1768 in the village of Jardin in Isere.

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