19th century french jacquard silk ribbon

19th century french jacquard silk ribbon


Beautiful antique 19th Century french silk ribbon with hand painted rose motif.

This was a handmade esquisse or draft for a ribbon design and was originally in an antique ribbon esquisse ledger.

It is in very good antique condition with some very small marks on the silk surround. It is a textile collectors dream but it can be used for unique sewing projects as it is intact and would make an incredible addition to couture projects, or why not a cushion or handbag. It would suffice to frame this piece as it is sumptuous!

This ribbon is unused and was created in our family factory in St. Etienne, the world home of ribbon making, in late 19th Century.

The ribbon is 15cm in length and 11cm in width, there are currently no passementiers out there who can create this type of ribbon anymore as the machines no longer exist (and sadly the skills have also been lost).

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