Set of antique Ribbon samples

Set of antique Ribbon samples


Treasured collection of antique french jacquard ribbons dating from 1870 - 1940, made in St. Etienne, the world home of ribbon making.

These beautiful samples or echantillons in French were originally cut and used in salesmans books.

They are timeworn but still hauntingly beautiful.

I have also included an incredible antique French jet applique (9cm x 6cm) which needs a little restoration but has the most gorgeous jet faceted drops which I are rare.


Ribbon 1: The most incredible silk ribbon, very old and in immaculate condition. This would have been a sample ribbon piece for a scarf. It has a floral embroidered motif and then the most drop dead gorgeous open weave section. It measures 17.5cm by 9.8cm dates approx 1870.
You could simply frame this it is so beautiful!

Ribbon 2: Antique black and white polka dot silk jacquard ribbon with black & white picot trim. So beautiful! It measures 18.2m x 6.2cm and dates from early 1900s.

Ribbon 3: Sumptious black silk ribbon with real silver thread detail, very old dating from 1880s. In timeworn condtion with slight tearing in middle (see photo) it measures 14cm x 4.5cm

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