Art Deco 1935 French Transatlantique cruise ship menu

Art Deco 1935 French Transatlantique cruise ship menu


Wonderful original 1930s Luncheon menu for the French Company Generale Translatlantique cruise ship illustrated with an image of "Les Costumes Normands de Jadis", the Traditional Costumes of Normandy.

The Compagnie G̩n̩rale Transatlantique (shortened to "CIE. GLE. TRANSATLANTIQUE", or CGT, and commonly named "Transat"), typically known overseas as the French Line, was a shipping company established in 1861.

This is not simply a lovely paper souvenir but a fascinating historical documents as this dinner is dated 27 September 1935, and World War II had begun in Europe one year prior - when the owner of this menu took the voyage from Paris, France to America.

This strikes me as a first class menu as the choice of items (Smoked salmon; Lobster; Foie Gras; Saddle of Spring Lamb etc) is relatively extravagant given that WWII is playing out.

I have four other menus from the Company Generale Translatlantique which come from the same family as a result of multiple Transatlantic crossings between the 30s-50s. Please convo me if you would like to purchase the lot as I can group shipping.

I found these in a trunk at a recent Chateau estate sale in Lyon.

The menu is in card form and measures 15.5cm by 8cm

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