Antique French gold & metallic lace and silk bag

Antique French gold & metallic lace and silk bag


This is one of the most breathtaking pieces I have ever found.

I'm not quite sure what it was originally created for but it is a piece of metallic handwoven lace in thick gold, gold lacing, yellow silk threads and pink tinged lam̩ thread. It is open at one end so could be used as a pocket or as a money purse once finished.

Or you could open this piece up at sides (easily removing the yellow silk threads) and then you would have a length of exceptionally wide handwoven metallic lace which measures 31cm in length - this in turn could be used for textile art or jewellery making. A very exciting material to work with!!

15.5cm in height and 11.7cm wide
Colours: Gold, Silver, Pink and yellow silk
Condition - Excellent for its age

I have two pieces available for purchase.

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