Miniature 1919 French young ladies agenda

Miniature 1919 French young ladies agenda


Beautiful and intact 1902 Antique French young ladies almanach & journal created by 'A La Grande Fabrique' a dressmakers based in Macon in central France.

Featuring an embossed waffle textured cover with a scene of a courting couple on the cover, and an advertisement for A La Grande Fabrique on the back cover.

An antique publicity item, this pocket sized calendar has the French calendar for 1919 with the Saints names associated with each day and at the back there is a small section of pages for notes.

Inside there are some childrens scribbles and drawings in pencil and at the back an inscription
"Ecole maternelle 26 Janvier - 9 Fevrier 1919" and there is a wonderful childrens drawing beneath this inscription.

So I imagine this was given to a primary school teacher as a a gift by one of her young pupils

The notebooks measure 6.7cm in width & 11.5cm in height

It is timeworn and very charming

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