Miniature 1927 French young ladies agenda diary

Miniature 1927 French young ladies agenda diary


Beautiful and intact 1927 Antique French young ladies almanach & journal created by 'Sirop de Deschiens'.

An antique publicity item, this pocket sized calendar has the French calendar for 1927 with the Saints names associated with each day

It also contains sections with info about:

Average Weight and Height for children
A grid to record the weight and hieghts of the owners children
A page dedicated to the expected 'dentition de l'enfant' - when children get their milk teeth and at which month/year.

'Hygiene advice', individual paragraphs on how to tackle the most common medical ailments incl. cuts, burns and bites; nose bleeds; foreign bodies in the eye; poisoning (by mushrooms; arsenic; choux a la creme; cocaine; cafe; cyanure de potassium; lead; opium; snake venom.
at the back there is a small section of pages for notes.

It has a few child pencil scribbles on the inside and is in timeworn condition but still an incredibly charming piece of French ephemera.

The notebooks measure 7cm in width & 10cm in height

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