Rare 1800s French Proven̤çal silk ribbon

Rare 1800s French Proven̤çal silk ribbon


One of the most beautiful ribbon I have ever come across, this is a must-buy for antique textile collectors..

Circa 1830, incredibly soft silk ribbon with an exquisite motif which is so typical of this early 1800s Provencal design.

The ribbon is red silk with a black yellow and white central and bordering motif.

This length measures 70.5cm in length, 10.7cm in width.

Please note this is an antique and is over 100 years old and it is good if timeworn condition. As this is silk, with age some of the threads have come loose. There are several small round marks perhaps made at time of production. This ribbon is unwashed / unlaundered and dans son jus.

I have two other lengths available; 41cm and 56cm

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