Credit L-R Valentina Solfrini; Aimee Twigger

Credit L-R Valentina Solfrini; Aimee Twigger

Forage + Feast + Photography

July 3-7 2019, Saignon, Provence


Valentina Solfrini Annabelle Hickson Aimee Twigger

Gillian Bell Georgie Dolling & Mapie Lamy

Five wonderful teachers from across the world, photographer Valentina Solfrini (Hortus); Florist (+writer+photographer) Annabelle Hickson; baker extraordinaire Gillian Bell; photographer Aimee Twigger; and food & lifestyle stylist Georgie Dolling will lead this very special creative visual storytelling retreat.

We will offer a five day all-inclusive retreat with a focus on visual storytelling, foraging florals and feasting set in the beautiful medieval village of Saignon in the Luberon region of Provence.

5 masterclasses:

Foraged Florals masterclass with Annabelle Hickson

‘Secret Garden’ photography workshop with Valentina Solfrini

‘A Bountiful Feast’ - Still Life chiaroscuro photography workshopwith Aimee Twigger

‘Creating a ‘gateau d’emotion’ – a love story to Provence’ workshop with Gillian Bell

‘The art of styling ’ workshop with photographer & stylist Georgie Dolling

The heart of our retreat will be the ancient 17th Century farmstead, La Moliere, with ten hectares of olive groves, lavender fields and wild flowers to play in. La Moliere is one of the oldest buildings in the region and is noted on the very first map of France, the ‘Carte de Cassini’, the farm is owned today by celebrated landscape artist Corinne Detroyat.

French chef Mapie Lamy will be creating farm to table feasts, with picnics for lunch and candlelit alfresco dinners in the heart of an ancient farmhouse with foraged and wild flowers on the table. We will have three extra special dinners (i) a French take on 4th of July Independence day, (ii) an intimate cocktail dinatoire at an 18th Century private hôtel particulier in Menerbes and (iii) a Mediterranean feast for our last evening.

The goal is to create a very intimate, immersive and transformative experience which celebrates creativity, kinship, community, and collaboration…. and all the while shooting tons of photographs and having LOADS of fun!


Double bed room with ensuite bathroom (single occupancy) SOLD OUT

Double bed room with shared bathroom (single occupancy) SOLD OUT

Twin room with shared bathroom(shared occupancy (between 2) SOLD OUT

*Note all prices are exclusive of VAT.

Ruth x

Credit L-R; Valentina Solfrini;

Credit L-R; Valentina Solfrini;


Foraged Florals

Annabelle Hickson will lead a very special floral workshop, bringing you to forage flowers in the grounds and orchards surrounding La Moliere farm, and together you will learn the secrets of creating beautiful florals for your home, photography and special events using simple foraged flowers.

Annabelle believes the best flower arrangements and installations are made with whatever is growing around you. Together we will wander around the beautiful garden and forage lovely branches and flowers to create beautiful, wild and natural arrangements for the dinner table.


  • Intimate in-depth practical and theoretical photography workshops led by Valentina Solfrini (Hortus Cuisine) and Aimee Twigger (Twigg Studios) who will teach you how to create, style and shoot deliciously dark and light photography. They will take you through the basics of composition, angles, colour theory, and shooting ‘chiaro’ & ‘scuro’ harnessing natural light.

  • The Art of Styling: Styling 101 workshop with Georgie Dolling. Introduction to food photography and storytelling with a discussion about everything from the preparatory process of food styling (including sourcing and choosing props) to sharing the tricks of the trade.

  • Valentina Solfrini  will lead a small group photography workshop with the theme ‘Secret Garden’ where you will learn how to create, style and shoot an intimate outdoor garden tablescape.

  • Aimee Twigger will lead the workshop ‘A Bountiful Feast’ - chiaroscuro still life - sharing her tips for building a still life, choosing props, working with natural light before guiding you through creating your own still life photography.

    *Note: Valentina & Aimee will show you how they create a tablescape/still life and then it will be your turn to style and shoot your own set up with the guidance of Valentina, Aimee and Georgie throughout the workshops.

    During this retreat we will be shooting outdoors on location in natural light at food markets, exploring the architecture of medieval villages; and creating reportage style photography of unforgettable characters. Learn to create coherent beautiful visual travel stories during our excursions to the French ‘marché paysan’ (farmers market) and to the beautiful villages & towns of Provence including Menerbes, Saignon, Isle sur la Sorgue, and Carpentras.

  • Our final afternoon will be dedicated to learning how to edit with Adobe Lightroom, during this workshop you will get the opportunity to ask questions as we edit our photographs together. We’ll sit down to do a collective lightroom editing session, where we’ll talk about the editing process and how you can develop your very own presets to get a unique and personal look to your photography.


Gillian Bell will host a very special cooking workshop creating a ‘gateau d’emotion’ – a love story to Provence. Gillian travels the world baking extraordinary cakes which are a conduit for memories, each one a love story, reminding us to live in the moment. Gillian will source the freshest local ingredients in Provence.

  • Wonderful cooking by French chef Mapie Lamy, who has a talent for cooking simple, delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes using only the freshest local, seasonal product and foraged finds. Mapie will prepare lush picnics for lunch and wonderful supper feasts every evening.

  • We will have three extra special dinners (i) a French take on 4th of July Independence day, (ii) an intimate garden party at an 18th Century private hôtel particulier in Menerbes and (iii) a Mediterranean feast for our last evening.

  • Local Harvests & Market Feast: Provence is incredibly bountiful in July and tasting the locally grown produce is like tasting sunshine itself. Sweet and unadulterated! Together we will harvest fresh fruit and vegetables to style, shoot and cook with, but we will also take some time to explore the local markets and create a photo story – a perfect place to photograph great characters.

Plus plus plus….

  • The Prop room aka the playroom. You’ll have a room filled with 18th & 19th Century textiles, linens, serveware, glassware and treasures to pick and choose from for your photography workshops. We will also have a carefully chosen selection of contemporary ceramics by local artists and French artisanal products to work with.

  • An unmissable visit to Ruth’s favourite best-kept-secret flea market which is a fantastic source for props and where you will find antique linens, paper, pottery, antique cutlery and serve-ware, paintings and everything in between.

  • We will go foraging in the orchards and forests for florals; visit Martine and her goats to pick up the freshest goats cheese and Jean-Luc a collector of rare & forgotten species of plants and vegetables. We’ll break bread under the shade of ancient oaks scented by the surrounding lavender fields ; explore a 15th century Hôtel Particulier turned artist atelier; feast on an abundance of fresh local product; meet unforgettable characters and forge friendships with like-minded creatives.

    *Full schedule is below

Credit L-R; Valentina Solfrini; Valentina Solfrini; Annabelle Hickson

Credit L-R; Valentina Solfrini; Valentina Solfrini; Annabelle Hickson

Who Should Attend?

This retreat is designed for beginners to intermediate photographers, anyone who is interested in creating lifestyle and food photography but also suitable for creatives with an interest in florals, cooking and travel.

It will be five days of eating well, connecting, learning and collaborating in an intimate, relaxed setting.

On our first afternoon together we will take the time to ensure every one is comfortable with using their camera on manual mode. Our three photography mentors, Valentina, Aimee and Georgie will lead the class to teach you about camera settings, how to approach lighting so that you can capture beautiful photos. As part of this initiating workshop, we will talk about the effects of internal camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO on your images.

The Mentors

Annabelle Hickson

Floral designer + Writer + Photographer

“Annabelle has a way of understanding how flowers themselves like to be seen … that captures their wild spirit and tames them for the indoors.”. Cecille Weldon, artist

I am so incredibly excited that Annabelle is coming to Provence to teach. She is passionate about finding beauty in everything and her energy is infinitely contagious! Annabelle is not only an extremely talented floral designer, she is also a much loved writer for the Australian Magazine “Country Style”; a photographer, a stylist and yeah (!!) published author of a beautiful new book about floral design called A Tree in the House.

To discover more about Annies work and aesthetic you can visit her instagram and her website.

In Annies words….

“One of the greatest joys of playing and experimenting with flowers is that it opens your eyes to the flowers and foliage that are growing around you. The ones that are already there, doing their things, that you didn’t have to buy or water or prune. You start to notice them. Like words you’ve just learned the meaning of, you start, as if by magic, to see them everywhere.

annabelle head.jpg

And the more you think about flowers on the home front, the more you start to see the outside world through a kind of flower filter. You pay attention to what nature is doing around you and even to bits and pieces beyond the natural world: Old rusty buckets morph from being junk destined for the tip into the perfect vessel to hold the mass of jasmine hanging over Mr Smith’s fence that you will pinch in the dead of night.

There are writers that say one of the greatest, unexpected consequences of writing is that you become a better reader. Just as, I would say, playing and working with flowers can help you become a better observer of the natural world.

Anything that helps you focus on what is beautiful and interesting in your daily life, when so much can feel repetitive and mundane and ordinary, is worthy of celebration. Reverence even.

So if, like me, there is a terse and rather annoying voice in your head that often yells ‘put down the flowers and do something useful with your life’, respond kindly but firmly with a thank you for sharing and continue to remove the thorns from your rose stem, knowing you are onto a good thing; a practice that can bring meaning and beauty and cause for celebration to your everyday life. 

You do not have to be a trained florist. I certainly am not. I have come to flowers and foliage simply because I love to look at them, I love to touch and smell them. I am greedy for them and I want them to be part of my life. I want them to fill my kitchen and adorn my world for celebrations big and small. And because I don’t have a full-time florist on hand to execute my vision, I have taken on the role myself. And let me tell you I have not encountered a single stern-faced, cross-armed gatekeeper along the way saying Mrs Hickson drop the dahlias, you are simply not qualified for this. Just as you do not have to be a trained chef to want to cook delicious things as home, so too is the world of gorgeous, domestic floral-ity open to anyone who is keen to give it a go.”

Annabelle Hickson


Gillian Bell

Baker Extraordinaire

I discovered (and fell in love) with Gillian via her podcast ‘Dispatch to a Friend’. Annie and Gillian and their tales of travel, cooking, gardening, friendship, reading, family, love, heartache and adventure have accompanied me on many road trips these last few months. I’ve laughed and cried along with them and I am immensely grateful that Gillian has agreed to come to Provence and share with us her love for baking.

I really admire Gillians ethos of seeking out the most finest local ingredients, which whisked together create a tangible, delicious memory that imprints on our taste buds. Gillian describes it so beautifully “Baking for me is a deeply sensory experience that evokes the narrative of our lives, redolent of culture and history.”.

Gillian will be hosting a baking workshop to share with you how she goes about creating a ‘gateau d’emotion’ – a love story to Provence.  You will also have ample opportunities to enjoy her cakes, over the course of your stay, inspired by her Provençal meanderings, botanicals and seasonal produce.

Discover more about Gillian via her instagram, website and the wonderful podcast Dispatch to a Friend

gillian b.jpg

“Every cake I bake has a story to tell – of the dairy farmer up at dawn to send me fresh, creamy milk and butter…

…the happy chickens scratching in the morning mist laying beautiful golden eggs, the wheat farmer eating breakfast knowing he has a long, hot day of harvesting stretching out before him, drawing on a lifetime of experience that tells him the grain is ripe. Now it is my turn - to call on my lifelong love of baking, and with these wonderful ingredients, bake them into the most special cake of a couple’s lives.

Baking for me is a deeply sensory experience that evokes the narrative of our lives, redolent of culture and history. I choose to use organic, locally sourced produce in my cakes because I know the remarkable difference in quality and taste and it is important to me that my cakes taste delicious as well as look beautiful. I also want to support our farmers and producers who farm sustainably and to pay them a fair price for their efforts so they can continue doing what they do best. This way, I can tell couples where every ingredient in their wedding cake comes from and about the producers in our community who have played their part in the story of their cake.”

Gillian Bell

Valentina Solfrini

Valentina is a gifted Italian photographer, passionate about travel and the author behind the two-time Saveur award-winning blog Hortus Cuisine, which was born out of her love for the Italian countryside, foraging and flowers.

I’m incredibly honoured that she accepted to come to Provence to share her knowledge and passion with us.

Valentina will host small-group workshops playing on the theme ‘Secret Garden’ to teach us how to create, style and shoot an intimate outdoor garden tablescape.

Valentina’s work has been published throughout the world, in magazines and online in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, Italy and Germany. Valentina is the author of ‘Naturally Vegetarian published by Penguin.

To learn and explore more of Valentina Solfrini and her creative vision please visit her Instagram and her website here.



Aimee Twigger

I had the absolute honour of collaborating with Aimee in January at our truffle-infused Forage Feast Photography winter gathering. I have admired her beautiful, soulful style of photography for many years and truly I couldn’t have asked for a more generous photography mentor.

So I am genuinely thrilled to invite Aimee back to teach a very special small-group workshop to create a ‘A Bountiful Feast - chiaroscuro still life’ - she will be sharing her tips for building a still life, choosing props, working with natural light before guiding you through creating your own still life photography.

Her passion for photography and cooking is utterly infectious and I know that you are going to LOVE Aimee!

To learn and explore more about Aimee Twigger and her creative vision please visit her Instagram and her website here.

Credit Joe Filshie

Credit Joe Filshie

Georgie Dolling

Food, Lifestyle & Interiors Stylist

I am so honoured that Georgie is coming to mentor at Forage Feast Photography

With a career spanning 3 decades Georgie brings to our Forage Feast Photography retreat a wealth of knowledge, a ‘less is more' approach.. where simplicity is Georgie’s preferred aesthetic - the perfect compliment to Valentina and Aimee for this retreat.

Georgie has worked for many of Australias leading decorating & food magazines, advertising clients & major book publishers. She has styled over 50 books.

Georgie is not only a stylist but highly skilled at teaching the fundamentals of the importance of composition, lighting & the use of negative space in an image to enhance interest & beauty .

She has been teaching workshops in Sydney for the past 4 yrs & ventured successfully out to Europe & the USA in 2018.

To learn and explore more of Georgie Dollings creative vision please visit her Instagram and her website here.

Mapie Lamy

Cooking with heart

Mapie grew up in the nearby village of Lourmarin, and lived in England for her teenage years where she developed her love for spices and vegetarian food. Later she returned to Provence and gained a reputation for being a very talented cook in her family’s famous table d’hote, Villa Saint Louis, where she would host dinner parties for guests and friends. Mapie went on to open and run a very successful restaurant for many years before choosing to focus on private catering. She is today the go-to private chef for very special events for the fashion and music industry where she shares her love of Mediterranean food.

« Mapie’s tagines, creme caramel and fennel salad have become part of a culinary reportoire where her authentic cuisine brings Sessùn friends together » Sessùn

Mapie’s mantra is “Spices, herbs and love” and she would rather describe herself as a ‘cuisiniere de fete’ than a Chef, loving to cook and share her passion for food with people around a special event that will talk to their hearts and souls.

For our Forage, Feast, Photography retreat she will revisit Provençal recipes using only the best of fresh, local ingredients.

mapie collage.jpg

Location & Accommodation

Our base for the retreat is La Moliere, a beautiful ancient 17th Century farmhouse in the picturesque Medieval village of Saignon, in the heart of Provence which is noted on the very first map of France, la carte de Cassini.

Some of the bedrooms will be on site at La Moliere and another 17th Century village house (5 mins drive/10 minutes walking) has been privatised for guest accommodation also.

There are a few options available

  • A double bed room with ensuite bathroom (single occupancy)

  • A double bed room with shared bathroom (single occupancy)

  • Twin room (with shared bathroom) shared option.

All bed linen, towels and toiletries are provided.

Getting here

  • The nearest airport is Marseille (1hr 20 mins drive) and the nearest train station is Avignon Central (1hr 15 mins drive).  An alternative route is to fly to Paris and then take the TGV train to Marseille (3hrs direct).

  • As for the connection, we will be organising one group transfer from Avignon train station at 12 noon and a return transfer to arrive at Avignon train station for 18h30. Many of our French Muse guests choose to fly in the night before our retreats and spend a day exploring the vibrant city of Marseille, I have a list of my favourite Marseille spots which I can send to help you get the most of your stay.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’d like help planning your trip as there is so much to see and do in this region.

la moliere cut.jpg


Double bed room with ensuite bathroom (single occupancy) 4,000 euro

Double bed room with shared bathroom (single occupancy) 3,650 euro

Twin room with shared bathroom(shared occupancy (between 2)) 3,150 euro

*Note all prices are exclusive of VAT.

You can pay by either International bank transfer or paypal*. A non refundable deposit of 50% is required to hold your place. Should you wish to pay in two instalments please don’t hesitate to contact me.

There are only fourteen spots available.

What is Included:

  • Five days (Four nights) stay in the very beautiful medieval village of Saignon

  • Freshly made breakfast every morning

  • All of your meals (including refreshments / wine) for the duration of the retreat - including three special supper feasts (i) 4th of July celebration (ii) an intimate garden party at Maison Tingry, Menerbes and (iii) the final evening Summer fete feast.

  • All of the photography workshops with Aimee Twigger & Valentina Solfrini.

  • Styling masterclass with Georgie Dolling.

  • A floral Masterclass with Annabelle Hickson

  • A baking Masterclass with Gillian Bell

  • Transport to and from Avignon Train station. One group transfer is organised.

  • Your transport to and from excursions and classes.

    What is not Included:

  • Your travel to and from Avignon train station to retreat.

  • Travel insurance (which we highly recommend you take out).

Our Schedule

Wednesday 3 July

13h00         Arrivals. Collections from Avignon TGV Train station

Here is the train option from Paris that works best!

  • 10h19 Paris Gare de Lyon - Avignon TGV (arrives 12h55)

14h30 Arrive at the house in Saignon for a welcome cocktail with nibbles.

Photography Intro & Styling 101 with all of our teachers and team.

We will talk about :

  • Basic Camera Settings to capture beautiful photos, how to approach lighting, ideally getting everyone shooting on manual mode for the retreat. We’ll talk about the effects of internal camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO on your images.

  • Introduction to the process of visual storytelling through composition, lighting and styling.

  • Introduction to food photography and storytelling with a discussion about everything from the preparatory process of food styling including sourcing and choosing props to sharing the tricks of the trade and talk to us about what is in their daily ‘kit - led by Valentina Solfrini, Aimee Twigger and Georgie Dolling

18h00 Pre-dinner cocktail

19h30       Dinner at La Moliere house in Saignon 

Thursday 4 July

8h00              Breakfast at the La Moliere farmstead

 9h00             Walk and explore the medieval village of Saignon during market day

Visit to Martines goat cheese farm Forage florals

12h00             Picnic in the grounds of the farm.

14h30              Rotating small group workshops

Workshop No 1: “Secret Garden” outdoor tablescape workshop with Valentina Hortus

Workshop No. 2: ‘A Bountiful Feast - chiaroscuro still life’ photography workshop with Aimee Twigger.  

Workshop No. 3: ‘Foraged Florals’ workshop with Annabelle Hickson  

17h30              Free Time

                        Time to go for a dip in the pool / chill / shower before dinner 

19h30              Dinner La Moliere Saignon - 4 July Independence day Fete  

Friday 5 July

8h00              Breakfast at the Farm

8h30               Depart for Isle sur la Sorgue

Isle sur la Sorgue is a beautiful town, essentially an island on the River Sorgue. This small town saw its heyday in the fourteenth century when it was used as a retreat for the Papal entourage away from the heat of Avignon.

9h15                Visit atelier of painter Aurelie Alvarez, situated in a 15th century Hôtel Particuliere.

 10h00            Appointment at an off the beaten track antique textile emporium (amazing for props and linens etc) 

12h00              Lunch Isle sur la Sorgue - La Carre d’Herbes restaurant

13h45               Transfer to village of Menerbes  

14h30              Exclusive invitation to spend the afternoon shooting & creating at one of the most important private 18th century homes in Menerbes

Rotating small group workshops in Maison Tingry, Menerbes

Workshop No 1: “Secret Garden” outdoor tablescape workshop with Valentina Hortus

Workshop No. 2: ‘A Bountiful Feast - chiaroscuro still life’ photography workshop with Aimee Twigger.  

Workshop No. 3: ‘Foraged Florals’ workshop with Annabelle Hickson  

17h30              Free time (free to explore the village of Menerbes)

19h30            Intimate garden party at Hotel Tingry, an historical monument and private 18th Century Hotel particuliere which was owned by the Prince of Tingry and is now part of the Brown Foundation.

Saturday 6 July

8h00              Breakfast at La Moliere Farm

9h00               Rotating small groups

Workshop No 1: “Secret Garden” outdoor tablescape workshop with Valentina Hortus

Workshop No. 2: ‘A Bountiful Feast - chiaroscuro still life’ photography workshop with Aimee Twigger.  

Workshop No. 3: ‘Foraged Florals’ workshop with Annabelle Hickson  

12h00              Lunch in Saignon

14h30              Baking workshop with Gillian Bell ‘Baking a love story to Provence.’

18h00             Free time

                        Time to go for a dip in the pool / chill / shower before dinner 

 19h30             Final evening supper feast in the garden.

Sunday 7 July

7h00 Breakfast at La Moliere Farm

8h00          Depart for Provences best kept secret brocante (flea market) for prop sourcing.

12h00         Lunch at award winning restaurant Chez Serge

13h30         Return to Saignon

14h30         Editing workshop at the Bastide.

We’ll sit down to do a collective lightroom editing session, where we’ll talk about the editing process and how you can develop your very own presets to get a unique and personal look to your photography                  

Q & A session with teachers

18h30        Return transfers for guests to Avignon train station.

(TGV train from Avignon TGV to Paris Gare de Lyon at 20h43, arrives Paris 23h23)


Payment Plan:

You can pay either by International Bank transfer or by credit card (using paypal).

Final payment is due by 8 May 2019 (8weeks prior to retreat).

Cancellation Policy:

Unfortunately due to the nature of this retreat we are unable to offer refunds should you need to later cancel. If you wish to find a replacement then your place can go to them but we cannot refund any payments made.

General Questions

  • We would advise you to bring your DSLR camera and/or Iphone to participate in workshops. If you wish to bring your tripod then great, we will have two Manfrotto tripods available for everyone to use/experiment with.

  • Software: We will email with a list of apps / helpful software closer to the date but it would be a good idea if you wish to learn editing to install Adobe Lightroom on your laptop to get the most out of our editing workshop.

  • What to pack? In July we can have very hot weather expect bright blue skies, and plenty of sunshine. So ensure you bring lots of layers (in case it cools off in the evening), a swimsuit as we have a big pool to cool off in and essential to bring a hat to keep the sun off your head. Wear flat comfortable shoes as our ancient villages are often cobble-stoned and we will be doing lots of exploring - plus don’t forget your sunscreen (and mosquito spray).

  • One white 'Garden party in Provence’ outfit for our cocktail at Hotel Tingry.

Note: In the unfortunate event that a mentor is unable to attend, The French Muse will offer an alternative course of equal standard and quality.

For any other questions you might have don’t hesistate to drop me a line!

Here’s what our guests said about our

Winter gathering of Forage Feast Photography

*to visit our recap page just click here


“…pure magic. Total beauty and inspiration with the most incredible people with the most wonderful stories. Heart and soul filled 💛”

Meg Robins

Credit: Nora Jaccaud

“Here is one happy fellow. I can’t begin to describe the joy I feel after last week. I cooked, I listened, I learnt, I created, I fell in love and I would do it all over again. Thank you #foragefeastphotography and thank you Ruth Ribeaucourt for making our Provence dreams come true.”


“A food and styling workshop deep in the heart of Provence in winter, as soon as I read about it I knew I had to go…

Food is a big part of my travels these days, and I’ve been hoping to feel more inspired with my photography and to learn more about style and design, something I love but don’t really know how to do well. Honestly, it’s such an art. I’d been feeling so creatively bored for a long time, I needed to feel inspired again. Boom, I signed up. And then my world just started to fall to pieces, week by week until the time I arrived in France a few months later, I was exhausted, lonely and heartsick. Being surrounded by the most inspiring group of women that only @familleribeaucourt could assemble was the balm I needed, and gave me the inspiration my work was craving - merci merci merci!! The abundance of truffles certainly helped.”

Liz Carlson, Young Adventuress


“What an amazing start to 2019. Thank you Ruth for dreaming up an amazing creative adventure in Provence.

From the instructors, participants & everyone we encountered during our adventures, everyone radiated with beauty, creativity, generosity.

All of us sharing our experiences & our points of view through visual storytelling. The energy from this experience will carry me through 2019 & beyond.“

Melissa Haupt

Photo credit Melissa Haupt

“What an incredible week! I’m so grateful to have spent the past five days making, creating, EATING, learning and laughing with some truly lovely people from all over the world, in such an incredibly special corner of the world. I fell in love with Provence and am coming home with treasures, memories and fully charged creative batteries.”

Amanda Reynolds, Plume Photography

Photo credit Amanda Reynolds


“At home, unpacking after one of the most fulfilling creative endeavours I embarked on in a long time — after a week filled with all kinds of epiphanies — I wonder how I could make that feeling, that spark, that sense of deep human connection that goes well beyond the mere act of being in the same place doing the same things for very similar reasons last longer.

…I fear that by simply doing the laundry I’ll wash away much of it. That by shaking off the bits of olive branch and moss and dry hydrangeas that are still stuck to my coat I’ll somehow lose the last sensorial clue of the week past, and with it, the last tangible proof it actually happened.”

Valeria Necchio


“Provence has been a dream, I can’t believe the workshop is over. I don’t want it to end so I can stay here forever.

…This was a little garden dinner scene we styled in Giuseppinas beautiful garden. I am so grateful that I was asked to take part in this workshop it’s been one of the best experiences of my life and I have made some wonderful friendships with the lovely attendees and the amazing team Ruth Ribeaucourt, Elodie Love, Valeria Necchio, and Nora Jaccaud, Raina Stinson and Zuza and Giuseppina, it’s been a pleasure working with you all this week, you are all incredible.”

Aimee Twigger