C'est Dimanche, darling French sewing patterns

559659_984716491544414_8047250006101894397_nI discovered this darling French sewing pattern company called, 'C'est Dimanche' which creates truly gorgeous doll making patterns as well as clothing patterns for all the family - it's all very chic and very French.

I couldn't help but be enchanted further when I discovered that the company has been created by a group of nuns, the 'Soeurs contemplatives de St Jean', who  are based in Troussures, in the Oise region. They even have a fanclub website where their admirers share their creations made from C'est Dimanche patterns, it's called C'est Dimanche Addicts.

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Petit marin


I fell in love with their Mademoisselle Dimanche doll kits and you can check out the range of designs here

miss dimanche

They also have a selection of beautiful fabrics for sale in their online store