Crépaux & Wydemans, silk & tulle ribbon crafted in Lyon, France

I love the adventures I inadvertently embark on after opening up a dusty old box full of antique silk samples. The original salesman tag mark the 'patron' or pattern number and the company C & W Lyon, it's a company I'm not familiar with...and so the adventure begins.

I searched everyone online for a reference, I scoured my silk reference books for a glimpse of the initials C & W...but to no avail.

Then the wonderful people at the Musee de Tissus et Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Lyon responded to my emails begging for advice. After a week of searching they found a reference to Crépaux & Wydemans (fabricants de tulles).

 A little more digging and I came across this image of their offices in the early 1900s.

This is where these beauties were created over a hundred years ago.

Their threads have got their hold of me!

I have put a few of the samples up for sale on Exquisite Threads so if you have any special bridal projects coming up or if you are simply a textile lover like myself then you should really look at these!