Exquisite Threads - curated collection of antique silk & textiles

I would often hear the words, whatever you don't want or need just throw it in the bin, something I could never do. Every tiny fragment reminded me of how fragile this artisanal industry is and how quickly the skills are disappearing. No matter how small, how shreaded or how out of fashion, I would take it home, iron out the age old creases, dust them off and file them away.

When I started Rubanesque it was with the goal to take these out of the attic / out of their usual context (behind museum glass) and make them wearable again. To breathe life into them, allow them to be loved and adored once more.

So what was I doing with all these boxes of samples that I wasn't confident enough to use for jewellery making?...I kept telling myself I was going to really improve my sewing and then I would use them....

The last year has taken me on a wonderful textile journey, I've been really fortunate to meet artists from all over the world who have such incredible talent and vision. Through them I realised that one of the most exciting things would be to see how other artists would breathe life into these 100+ year old silks, how they might interpret them ...and thus my new shop was born.

I have spent the last few weeks opening up my boxes of exquisite silk samples and found textile treasures and starting creating vignettes.

I can't wait to see what people make with them!