Halloween notions


I've been collecting jet embellishments and gold coloured notions so putting together a spooky Halloween themed treasury wasn't too tough. I just had to restrain myself from wanting to put everything in.


I found myself at a brocante in Bonnieux this summer, mesmerised by a box of old photographs, mostly portraits of couples. At first I laughted at how many couples, (on exiting the church after their wedding), looked absolutely miserable. But then I realised that it wasn't that they were unhappily married, it was that in this epoque smiling was very much not done. When posing for the daguerrotype subjects had to stay still in one pose for at least 15 minutes.

Details: Tiny brass antique Limoges key estampe and antique velvet millinery flowers handpainted with gold, antique compass pendant and black jet and silk appliques.


An incredible long dagger shaped dress antique jet applique - so beautiful and handmade.


These recent vintage dolls face on linen finds are just the right amount of spooky special to be included, embellished with my collection of antique jet and cut steel buttons.


Love this tiny box of handmade gold sequin dress appliques just as much as the label on the container. Surrounded by an antique butterfly bobbin holder, a piece of 1900s gold lamé and a cut jet belt buckle.


This wonderful velvet millinery flower is very delicate but delicious! You can just see a peak of a beautiful 1800s Fraises Merley ribbon with 'fil d'or' embellishments.


Can you spot the beautiful haunting mourning portrait button, surrounded in age old chatons?


Buttons, velvet and Jet!


Look at that handwriting !

P1220443 A beautiful handmade old box from Bon Marche, 1900, containing skeins of cut steel beads,