Ateliers Lesage et Lemarie of Paris

Visual storytellers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Ann Street Studios have a beautiful blog & photography portfolio and I fell in love with their reportage on the ateliers Lesage & Lemarié in  Paris. You can see their full article here. Jamie spent a week in Lacoste this summer and you can read her features on Lacoste here.


Look at those beads....and the brown paper wrapping. In the atelier of Lesage, thousands of wooden drawers hold threads of different weight and colour, beads, crystals - in all there are over 60 tons of materials for creating their embroidered art.


Incredible hand sewn sequin applications on tulle for Chanel - up close this is just drop dead gorgeous haute couture craftmanship.


What I wouldn't give to peak closer into each drawer


Lemaries incredible millinery flower tools, I've come across one or two in a belle brocante but I've never seen quite so many in one place.


I ADORE these jewel colours on the black tulle

Thank you Jamie for this intimate visit into these ateliers!

All photography Jamie Beck