Meet "the Miss Havisham of the sportswear world"

Carlos Ruiz, 75, owner of the sportswear shop in Buenos Aires I am not in the least bit sporty, the last pair of running shoes I bought are at least four years old (and fairly unused) but I loved discovering this story of a shop in Buenos Aires owned by 75-year-old . It is not perfect and is very much an advertising tool for Adidas but I still feel it presents a good sense of the raw excitement and anticipation of discovery.

A decade earlier, two youths had shot and robbed Ruiz in the shop. It took him two years to walk again. Widowed and returning to work, he discovered he had also been cut off by his suppliers. “They sent a lot of forms to fill in,” he told Brown. “I’m 65, I’ve lost my wife, I can barely walk.” Since that tragic homecoming, Ruiz has kept hold of his old shoes, describing them as “a noble product”. He sits in the shop every day, amid the dust and cobwebs and columns of old stock, an obscure duty he sees as therapeutic. Aspden’s assessment is more literary: “He’s the Miss Havisham of the sportswear world.” Read more in The Guardian

When I step into the archive room in our familys 150 year silk factory in Saint Etienne I have the same feeling of excitement at what I might discover and utter bewilderment at the sheer scale of beauty before me.