Snowy Lacoste, snowed-in in Provence

looking out at snow

So it snowed overnight....30cm of snow. Of course we were totally unprepared, the car was parked behind the house as far away as possible from the main road, the fridge is empty (thankfully we have a larder full of pasta and canned tomatoes!).

I captured this moment when my two little ones woke up to discover the magical scene outside, still bleary eyed and in their pyjamas.


This is a door on one of my favourite streets in Lacoste.


(L) In the distance the Mont Ventoux is covered in snow, creating a wonderful pink ombre skyline.


When everything is in black & white it makes the beautiful symmetry in the cherry orchards and vineyards more apparent, sculptures created by the paysans of Lacoste.


  This street is simply beautiful, in the snow and in the heat of summer


I lose my heart to this little secret garden every time I pass


Across the valley, the white of the snowy rooftops only serves to highlight the village scape


Our village 'Temple' looks majestic surrounded by the snow backdrop