This & that, the call of the deep blue ocean

I think you know how much I love glimpsing inside creative spaces, where do they make, how do they make, what do they surround themselves with for inspiration, is their desk as messy as mine? yes - it's fine so I'm not outside the norm kind of thing.

So when my friend Kathleen Hackett forwarded me this great New York Magazine feature on her husbands, Stephen Antonsons new studio in NYC - I did a little jig. It is a beautiful space to make in and it is no wonder he is creating such great work within. His instagram gallery is astoundingly gorgeous - check it out here.

...But among the slideslow I found this gem which made my heart go pud-dum, a slice of wall that they chose not to paint over becomes a beautiful landscape painting!

“We painted the entire new space white,” Antonson says. “Kathleen suggested we save a sliver of the original wall finish. We chose to keep this area because it looked like a horizon — a seascape with a cloud overhead. I asked my 8-year-old son, James, to draw a ship, which we taped to the wall.”


And then a few hours later - I came across this beauty on the Christina Fluegges (Greige) instagram gallery and I had this huge longing for the ocean, the smell of salt in the air, going to bed at night with crunchy volumised salty hair, biting into tayto crisp and cheddar cheese sandwiches on the beach. Provence is beautiful - but I'd do anything to spend a day in Donegal right now.