An impromptu lunch party

I am giddily going through the pics I took yesterday of a really great lunch party we threw together at the very very last minute. We usually give ourselves a few days to prepare, to fit in a little endurance training (read wine-tolerance-levels), menu planning, friend-inviting etc. This time, we took a look at the weather forecast....

Sunshine = BBQ + pool + Favourite people

.....and decided at the 25th hour to hastily send out text messages inviting people.....of course there were concerns that no-one would be able to come at such late notice...then Louis decided to keep us up half the seemed doomed for disaster.

Hell no....we had such a blast, all our favourite people came (and brought their friends)!

..I baked my 'old reliable' Irish wheaten bread and topped it off with Irish smoked salmon (found at a local supermarché), we cooked some delicious pecorino-romano-flavoured meatballs (using a recipe from Sunday Suppers - try it they are good!), barbecued merguez, carpaccio with rocket and parmesan (thanks Melissa!)...a bit haphazard but it worked, but then doesn't everything work when the Luberon mountains are your backdrop and the sun is shining?!?

Love, love, love this photograph of a moment between a mother and son

...artist and cook extraordinaire, Melissa Turner (if she offers to cook indeed do not turn this woman down!)

...escaping to canoodle

Best friends.....and officially the coolest girls I know!

...some competitive diving

...And grape picking, Debs is obviously going to make wine from those later....

....and it wouldn't be a real party without a little arm wrestling (Dan is a very good loser!)