Bits of my long weekend in Dublin

Dublin are you ready?!?

Louis adapting to the Dublin cafe culture in Fallon & Byrne

Couldn't resist including this pic of the gorgeous vegetable aisle in Fallon & Byrne

My favourite restaurant in Dublin, La Maison in Castle Market. I've been here many times and always leave with a satisfied and dopey grin, most memorable have been birthday celebrations (including my 29th birthday - 3 months before the birth of our little boy Louis) and a date with my dad (I was heavily pregnant and we caused quite the stir as everyone thought he (god love him) was the much older partner).

And just around the corner from La Maison I stumbled upon two gorgeous shops including a boutique florists which had this simple but lovely Spring themed window display

....and a  mouth-watering window display from Cocoa Atelier, which has been created by French chef Marc Amand (of Patrick Guilbauds).

The beautiful Shelbourne hotel

...and Louis and I took a trip down memory lane

Outside my old flat on Fitzwilliam Square, which I shared with my all time gem of a flatmate, Kerry. I like to think it was all her good and groovy vibes that put me in the right state of mind to meet the man I now call my husband. I was living here when I met Raphael and after a short, intense courtship he moved to Ireland and we lived in undomesticated bliss at No. 18.

I met up with the wonderful Kerry for lunch and we accidentally (and happily so) ended up grabbing lunch in Nellys in Portobello which hands down has the most amazing chocolate brownies I've ever tasted. Louis also got the chance to taste his first cappucino - albeit a Soya decaf cappuccino (courtesy of Kerry) and he took great pleasure in licking the illicit foam from her cup.

Being dragged through the shops, cafes, restaurants, parks, Dublin Zoo and on and off Dublins public transport system took its toll on the little guy who happily conked out for the return flight