Bonne Annee 2015 - wishing you everything


Meillure Voeux 2015 Happy New Year

I just wanted to reach out and wish you all a happy happy new year.

I hope it is filled with ...


....happiness, may you be surrounded by loving friends and family


...laughter - the kind where you have tears running down your face and your cheeks ache from smiling!


...adventures - go skinny dipping & get up early and climb that mountain to watch the sunrise


...creativity - let 2015 be the end of procrastination and the year you take out those beads you've been hoarding, or that yardage of fabric you bought but never cut into.

Have faith, let go, let's do it, let's make it, let's make it happen - allons y!


....and friendship - thank you to all the new friends who have encouraged me here

To those who have taken time out to talk to me and let me explore their creative worlds

To my cheerleaders around the world - those wonderful people who post comments here and email me loving notes of support

And to my dearest and nearest - thanks for being by my side - let's make this year a good one!