Book Lust

I LOVE books, the house is coming down with them, the two bookcases we bought to house them are crammed and now my books spill over onto the sideboard and on to the steps of our mezzanine staircase, they prop up paintings in our bathroom and frame candles across our headboard...they are taking over! Anyway, in the remotest chance that I am permitted to purchase any more books....or say should anyone need a hint for birthday presents this year etc, Coralie Bickford-Smith has designed a gorgeous new range of books called The Great Food Series for Penguin Classics.

I mean, they cover two bases, cooking and reading....I think that's a good enough reason to buy these beauties!!

I also wanted to share this fun video interview with Coralie about her wonderful new foodie series courtesy of For Greater Than or Equal


[vimeo 22206930]