Braderie - book shopping

Today I popped into the village post office and noticed they had a 'braderie' or clear-out sale of books next door, I didn't realise until I had chosen my books that it was 1 euro for any four books....whoop whoop!I might just have to go back tomorrow...

The room the sale was held in essentially belongs to the village so it can can be rented out by anyone in the village for commercial purposes. Another wonderful thing I learned about our village is that all locals can borrow tables, chairs and benches for private parties or events free of charge....that's what we did for our lunch last Sunday, as we only had 8 good chairs we had to borrow an additional 7 from the town. Granted the chairs were a little bashed up but I was delighted with the local perk!

I picked up these two beauties - I couldn't resist the type and design

And I fell in love with these two childrens books, an illustrated 1950 copy of 'Contes des Mille et Une Nuits' One Thousand and One Nights and an 1955 edition of Bari-Chien-Loup by Curwood