Brilliant costumes

It's been raining non stop since Saturday, this combined with not having heard from our estate agent (as she's on a few days holidays) - we're still awaiting final confirmation of whether we have our house or's all making me go a bit bonkers with cabin fever and impatience!  I am praying she calls early with good news and that its dry enough to actually get outside for a walk tomorrow! So while Lou was napping, I tried to distract myself by indulging in some blog surfing and found these wonderful DIY costumes - loads of ideas for next year!

First via Hello Lucky are these fab Leprechaun (and his pot of gold which was made from a plastic cauldron attached to a baby bjorn)....

and this brilliant tree and twin monkeys...

and then there's this great spaceman - a very good use of chrome duct tape from D Sharp Journal!

and two great ones from Marvellous Kiddo inlcuding this T-Rex

How amazing is this Lions mane hat from etsy seller Sweet Pea Toad Tots!