Christmas decorating in the South of France


photo 4 Here is part deux of Christmas in my small corner of Provence. We live in a tiny hilltop village in the Luberon, not so far from the cosmopolitan big towns of Aix en Provence and Avignon but tucked far enough away amidst fields of cherry trees and olive groves that we feel quite removed from most Christmas festivities. Our village really goes into hibernation mode in late November, our cafés close for the winter with their owners taking their annual holidays. The weather gets colder and if it wasn't for the daily school run I doubt we would cross other human beings.  Like bears, the Lacostois hibernate until Spring.

I haven't seen a Christmas tree outside of our own (which has been up since Nov 22 - I blame a rainy weekend and sick kids) and the manic last minute shopping crowds don't exist in our part of the world. There are some beautiful local traditions which I do love which are so much more subtle than big city sparkling light displays.

Once tradition I love is the Provencal creche with handmade santons. We inherited our santons from a Londoner moving back to the big city after raising her family in Lacoste. I love that they are not new and that they are the guardians of many beautiful Christmas memories and now they will witness ours.


I loved this beautiful arrangement of antique pots in the Domaine de La Citadelle which is also home to the  Musée du Tire-Bouchon

photo 2 (2)Vaulted ancient ceilings make my heart swoon, I understand that these rooms were traditionally used for keeping animals at ground level, usually without any door so that the animals could wander in and graze as they like. What majestic architecture for cows, donkeys and sheep.

noelA corner decorated with a handmade wreath and tied up with a beautiful antique silk moire ribbon

photo 5Antlers form a beautiful centrepiece for a truffle feast

photo 5 (2)I am taking a few days off to travel up to visit our family in Lyon and St. Etienne but I am sending you all the most loving wishes for a wonderful, peaceful Christmas!