Do What You Love!

Detail from an antique silk ribbon from Faure family

I should introduce this post with this great and inspirational video featuring Krista Vernoff (executive producer and main writer of "Grey's Anatomy") talking about encouraging creativity. I watched it a few weeks ago and it got me thinking!


[vimeo 13039544]


I loved art, it was my favourite subject in school and despite getting the highest grade in the Leaving Certificate - the idea of going to art college and making a career as an artist terrified me. My mother opened an art gallery when I was 15 and I was gleefully immersed in the world of exhibitions, and got the opportunity to meet some incredible talent. So despite this environment or perhaps as a result of this environment - who knows... I was so afraid of failing, of not being good enough, or original-enough. I would imagine myself in art college surrounded by real artists and there would be me - the fake who scraped in, who wasn't really meant to be I chose instead to study business in University, it was a much safer bet, somewhat better employment record and no such thing as putting your heart and soul out there to be judged. After graduation, I went on to work with and market and promote the work of incredibly talented and creative individuals - not a bad compromise - and indeed a huge priviledge and one which I'll never forget.

So it is with much trepidation that I tiptoe into creativity again, it is all very much a work-in-progress but I'll just say that I'm knee deep in very very old silk jacquard ribbons which my incredibly generous french family have gifted me with. I had a bit of a crisis of confidence last week when I looked at all of my beautiful materials and thought - 'shit, what have I got myself into, am I going to be able to pull this off'....but yesterday, my mum took Louis for a walk so I could get a few things done and instead of doing some much needed housework I instead sat out on our terrace cleaning mucky antique frames, listening to The Sundays (who I haven't listened to in years!!), big silly grin on my face. For that hour of mucking around, doing my preparations for my new work, I was so truly happy.... I could have stayed out there all day.