Getting ready for our guests


The French Muse experience Excitement is mounting as tomorrow morning we welcome our September French Muse experience guests to Lacoste.

It is magical to be back at this beautiful bastide as the final days of summer are ushered in. Leaves are turning golden and the hedgerows are coloured red and blue with Autumn berries.

The French Muse experience

Here is a sneak peak of the presents we pulled together for our five guests; hand dyed indigo antique lace; velvet milliners flowers sourced from a Paris puce; a 1930s notebook, MT tape to catch and keep memories, a spool of 1800 silk and a handsome French retreat companion.

The French Muse experience

The sky is so blue and the forecast for our week ahead is perfect adventure weather

The French Muse experience

Our home for the week is a 150 year old bastide, family portraits hang on the walls and armoires are filled with monogrammed family linens - it is a real, French home, filled with love, memories and quirks.

The French Muse experience

I can't help but get giddy when I think of the week ahead...

the homes we will visit;

the collections that will be revealed;

getting our hands dirty and loving it - during our indigo and shibori workshop;

stories shared over Coreys wonderful home cooking;

treasures that we'll share over 'show and tell' aperitif;

passion and love for all that is time-worn, handmade, dusty and darned...

The French Muse experience

If you had only seen me diving into the hedge to forage some berries for dressing the table for our welcome cocktail dinatoire..

The French Muse Experience

For those not able to be here with us in Provence you can follow us on our adventures - we'll be posting on both our blogs

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