I am more excited about our upcoming holidays than I was about Christmas, it's a question of how many sleeps (or sleepless nights in my case) left before we go to France...right now it's only two more sleeps. We're taking a long-awaited trip to visit both my husband's family and my mum, they live 2 hours from each other in the south of France, some of my in-laws haven't met our son yet so I know it's going to be fun watching them interact with the little guy. Oh and of course I'd be lying if I didn't say the prospect of possibly getting the odd  lie-in with the husband is also making my heart skip a beat. On the other hand - I'm a little anxious about negotiating the airport and flight with a 3 1/2 month old. We were always dreading being seated beside new parents with their screaming offspring and now it's come full circle and we're the new parents gingerly boarding a flight. Thank god it's only a 3 hour flight but I've been swotting up on 'travelling-with-kids' articles to see if there are any tips that might work in our case....throwing back a few shots at the airport bar is not an option obviously... calpol anyone?

In anticipation of the great adventure ahead - I've consciously started to chart my sons routines to see if he actually has one and to my huge surprise he is very predictable (give or take an hour in the afternoon). I don't know if it's the monitoring which is forcing him into a routine or if he has had this routine all along and I've just been blissfully unaware in my fog of new motherhood - either way it's a relief to be able to know he's getting enough food and has a regular nap time during the day.

We also - finally - got around to ordering him a cot - which he has slept in since Monday. He has huge problems settling at night and cannot fall asleep on his own so we've had to bear letting him 'cry-it-out' for 10 mins, then we go and soothe him (check nappy, burp etc) then put him down for a further 10 mins (which more often than not entails more crying) but after 2 x 10 mins or so he falls asleep.  It's only been 6 days and he still isn't settling himself but we're not the type to let him cry it out all night in a bedroom all alone and he's still very young so we'll just see how it goes. It sure is lovely having my husband back!

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