"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."

My husband has a few days off for the New Years weekend and last night he gave me the biggest gift.... a full 7 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I went into them about 30 mins ago as I could hear Louis crying and apparently it was a bad night. My husband looks absolutely wrecked whereas little Louis is a bundle of energy, he probably thought, "whoa this is exotic, this 'sleepover' business with daddy is fun". So here's where I enter the picture, I say to the hubbie, "poor you, you should go get some sleep and I'll take care of the little monster", then just like magic within about 3 mins, I knock the little guy out with a trusty boob (I knew these things served a higher purpose !!) 

Today (as soon as my husband get's enough shut-eye) we're off down the country to stay in a fancy hotel, gorge ourselves through a 4-course dinner, and get a whole 1hr  30 mins of pampering on NY Day..... ah Bliss.....all thanks to a very generous present of an overnight stay.

It will be the first time we've ever used a babysitter since Louis was born (13 weeks ago) and I'm sure to be a complete nervous wreck during dinner - I'll either have to bring the baby monitor and slip it under the bread basket or I'll running to the room between courses. It will also be the first time Louis will sleep in a cot all night (3 hours in a friend's house does not count) - oh the fun we're going to have tonight (I can't wait!!).

So here's the plan - as I'm an amateur at this staying-away-from-home-with-baby lark - I was thinking it might be a good plan to 'recreate' his bedroom in the hotel cot by bringing his mobile and his Tomy 'all-singing-all-dancing' bedside projector thing (it was a present and it magically projects characters (moons, shooting stars, bears holding clouds etc) onto the ceiling as well as playing 3 (very annoying after the 2000th time) lullabies BUT if the baby giggles at it and falls asleep every night to its tinkling - it's worth its weight in gold.

Bring on the fluffy white toweling robe and slippers.... oh and BREAKFAST IN BED....