Inside a super stylish French wedding

Fab and Mel got married in Vienne, a town just outside of Lyon. With 300+ guests at the reception they had the chance to invite a lot of their friends, knowing it was going to be quite the party, my mum kindly babysat our little Louis while Raph and I let our hair down ....the first time in a long time...sore heads (from too much champagne) and aching legs (from all the dancing) followed the day after but it was worth it!

I LOVED that the just married couple drove themselves to the reception in their Mini cooper...imagine total privacy and intimacy to just enjoy the moment....brilliant!

I did a bit of fashion stalking....what can I say the city girl was let out of her hilltop village for a day and went into sensory overload at all the wonderful hair accessories and stylish get-ups

It rained....but even the french know how to look chic in the rain...

I thought I was on the set of Gossip girl with all the Chuck Bass lookalikes....the ray bans were swopped out for thick tortoise-shell glasses for the evening...apparently all the if only Raphael needed glasses!

Hats galore

White Balloons and sparklers and their First dance was an exuberant 'I've had the Time of my Life' Black eyed peas style!