Inside the atelier, a 13th Century cave transformed


P1260255b This past weekend we were invited to lunch in my friend Joannas house, I double, triple checked - "are you sure you don't prefer that we leave the kids at home with a babysitter?", surtout pas - Joanna insisted the more the merrier. I hadn't seen Joanna since this past summer when she showed me around the old cave / garage adjoining her home, that she was planning on transforming into her studio and showroom.

It was a ruin, albeit a very beautiful 13th Century ruin with great bones but if you had handed this space to me I wouldn't have known where to begin.


On Saturday, we stepped through the door of her new studio and it took our breath away.

Such beauty, everywhere.

Incredible high vaulted ceilings, Joannas beautiful hand printed textiles offsetting the rugged stone walls - my heart swelled up with admiration. It is one thing to be creative and quite another to have such incredible vision and see it through to make this type of a space.


I am just so excited for Joanna and all the making that will happen here. It's the kind of place you just need to sit in for 5 minutes and feel energised.


Her art and creative spirit is in everything


Joanna has created all of the textiles used in the space including these wonderful black on linen, hand printed textiles that you see above on the cushions and upholstery.