Inspiring me this week

This interesting article on refining your creative process from Rena Tom here challenged me to think about my own process and how I can make it more efficient ... not so easy for a 6 months pregnant with toddler in tow creative lady but perhaps now more than ever I need to identify and put into action a framework for my creativity....

Matthew Frederick noted you should – “engage with patience, don’t imitate others, don’t do it all at once, and accept uncertainty." From Rena Toms article.

Image from Rena Tom - you should subscribe to recieve her fantastic tips on strategy for creative business


I am hooked on this photography project by Jennifer Causey called The Makers, incredible creatives at work - don't miss it!

Photo credit The Makers Project and photographer, Jennifer Causey.

Photo credit The Makers Project and photographer, Jennifer Causey.

....and salivating over Emilie Griottes gorgeous pantone desserts here

The soundtrack to my week has alternated between a beautiful playlist called Western Songbird (think Nick Drake, First Aid Kit, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, The Roche sisters, Johnny Cash, Gillian Welch and many more gems!)..... that a reader made for me and the 'Feel it All Around' playlist from Miss Moss here.

I would LOVE to spend a lazy long weekend in this village, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, 90-minute drive north east of Rome.  Entrepreneur Daniele Kihlgren came across the village in 1999 and bit by bit, he bought up a few village houses and carefully restored them. He has created a unique and beautiful hotel spread across several houses in the village and he employs 15 locals, ensuring the community is thriving.  I also love that he has chosen to use only textiles, furniture and artwork  created by local artisans. This would be incredible to replicate in Lacoste if only! read more here


Finally, don't miss this breathtaking short film by Cartier