Inspiring me this week ... Tavi, Miss Moss, Eleanor Taylor, HER & Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn


I loved reading this interview between two of my favourite creative people, Tavi talks to Lorde ... what a wonderful insight into them both! A post by Miss Moss introduced me to the gorgeous work of British illustrator, Eleanor Taylor.  I find it really fresh but yet it reminds me of all that I love in Kahlo, Miro and Gauguin

I illustrated Queen Ka’ahumanu, the favourite wife of King Kamehameha I and the most powerful woman of her time in Hawaii.  Upon her husband’s death she donned a feather cape and called herself Queen Regent.  When the missionaries came in 1820 she ended up destroying all the ancient gods and temples leading to the ultimate downfall in a kingdom she helped create.

Raphael and I have been catching up on great movies such as uplifting and so much fun, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and the breathtakingly sumptious HER. Obviously two very different films but they have really stayed with me and I've been thinking about the questions they raise and dreaming of those saturated colourscapes, his office with the coloured glass panels, that beautiful beach scene, the vintage but classical looking interiors, it really won't let me go. I loved reading about the design process with Spike Jonzes long time collaborator, K K  Barrett and the design genius behind some of my favourite visual films including Marie Antoinette, Lost in Translation and Adaptation.

And finally this song is haunting me, a simple, stunning folk duet from Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn