Keep growing, keep moving, keep living

Came across this wonderful video and wanted to share it here. Not just for the gorgeous imagery of travelling through Asia but of its message which especially resonated with me this morning. Our life is a little upside down at the minute, as my husband is in the throes of starting his own business, which of course means longer hours for him, negotiating the tiresome and frustrating maze that is french bureaucracy,  lots of pressure and more risk-taking than he'd ever imagined.... not quite your typical Provencal pace of life.... .....but change is good, challenging yourself is essential no matter how terrifying and just as this video reminds us, it is essential not to forget that energy connects us all and of how important it is to open ourselves up to it, to keep growing, challenging ourselves, to keep living life to the full!


Thank you Gnarly Bay for this beautiful video and message!