Lost in the Cedar forest

The temperatures have dropped here (it was -4 C last night) but the skies are clear and a beautiful deep blue - perfect walking weather just as long as you layer up.  We are very lucky to live at the foot of a wonderful Cedar Forest which stretches between Menerbes to Bonnieux and beyond and covers approximately 500 acres. The first 30 mins is a pretty steep climb, made all the more tough by the loose  limestone rocks which cover the ground... ... and for my poor husband he also had the benefit of having a snoozing 12 kg child strapped to his back....

...this pic was taken at the very start of the climb when Raphael was still smiling and not swearing and threatening to collapse in a heap

The view from above Lacoste heading in the direction of Bonnieux

Views over the Durance valley below

On the way down towards Bonnieux - just another hour and half to go....did I mention we got lost...hmmmm

...the beautiful scenery was a little lost on this guy who snoozed for most of the trek

We hadn't quite planned on getting lost and what should have been a 2 hour walk turned into 4 hours so we arrived into Bonnieux with the sun setting, somewhat blistered, exhausted and red-nosed but feeling extremely virtuous!.