Lunch treat

The temperature here has dropped from 31 degrees to 13 degrees, and the last few days have ushered in our first thunderstorms and incessant, torrential rain....then miraculously this morning, the sun peeked out from behind the dark angry clouds, teasing us with promises of summer but just as I finished setting the table outside  for lunch, the heavens opened once again....ZUT alors!!! (which is a polite - french - way of saying for fecks sake!)

So  in a bid to quench our rising cabin fever, we escaped to a great local, traditional family restaurant called La Gare, in Bonnieux. It's actually outside the town itself, nestled in the heart of a little hameau beside the Cave de Bonnieux.....if you are in the area and looking for an unpretentious, cheap, family friendly meal - I really recommend coming here!

Fires burning in ancient chimneys, Provencal faience decorating the walls, beautiful old Provencal tiles on the floor and flaking 20s murals

Have you ever tasted a 'Vacherin aux Framboises'.....mmmmmmmm delicious!

I had to resist licking the plate clean it was so good! Imagine layers of meringue, vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberry coulis! It doesn't look too complicated but apparently it's tricky enough to get right, for those who fancy getting' their bake on', here is a pretty good recipe!