New creations unleashed on etsy

I've been terrible at blogging the last few weeks.... amongst the many different excuses is a lovely one .... Etsy France asked me to contribute one of my cuffs for their press day at the end of March. So of course this sent the perfectionist in me into overdrive, I started polishing and re-varnishing the requested cuff and this led on to finishing some of the bobbin pieces I've been working on for ages and ages. And so, flash forward a few weeks and I have a few new pieces ready for the press day and up in my shop.

I just posted the package to the press team and I am still feeling the butterflies in my stomach (although the blossoming little baby girl might not be helping on that side!). I don't think I've ever felt so insecure about my 'work', what will they think when they unwrap the packages? will they be disappointed? Will anyone notice them?  Things are outside of my control now and I suppose that is what is unsettling me. God knows how artists do this, I am relatively new to this world and I am a wreck of nerves.

In my past (Pre-Provence) life, when I worked as a film publicist, I fed off the excitement of last-minute deadlines and I was able to manage incredible artists and talk about their work to press with confidence and conviction - when I am putting myself out there to be judged it is a different story all together....

So when a buyer writes a note of appreciate or one of my blogging heroes writes a post about my work (such as here), it is incredibly encouraging and I find myself sitting in front of the imposing work-table in my atelier buzzing with renewed confidence to finish pieces and dream up new confections.

You can read the lovely piece Corey wrote about Rubanesque on her blog, Tongue in Cheek here and thanks to this piece, so many truly wonderful women from all around the world have been in touch to share their stories and love of antique textiles.

One such note that literally made me beam all day was from Claire in San Francisco, she wrote that she had been following my blog and wanted to send me some music inspired by my blog and my creations....I just opened my letterbox and here was this incredible package from her. Everything from the envelope, to her gorgeous handwriting, her very special handmade cd sleeves and lovingly selected tunes... to the peanuts comic strip heart sang and even my 6 month pregnant waddle has a lightness to it!. We have never met but she created one of the most thoughtful and beautiful presents I have ever received. She had my music taste nailed and I'm still listening to her playlists. THANK YOU!!

I had to share some pictures of her creativity below