Nursery inspiration

Ever since we discovered we were expecting a little girl, my urge to start decorating a girlie nursery has gone into overdrive. Only common sense has held me back and I've been looking at what bedding / furniture of Louis's we can upcycle or reuse. We are no longer silly first time parents who get suckered into buying baby cot sets with all the matching paraphernalia that goes along with it. ....and since we will be co-sleeping with our little one for the first few months (at the very least) the rush to convert our spare room into her nursery is not so urgent. That said it doesn't stop me dreaming and coveting the gorgeous girlie things out there.

Here are a few of my favourites...

1. Bedding by Osami via fab french online company Les Enfants du Design; 2. Great etsy shop, ButterflyOrb which sells these butterfly mobiles in any colour you want; 3. Etsy shop, TreeFall Design designs delightful linen smock dresses and tunics; 4. Awesome whimsical floor cushion from Etsy shop, Big Birds Boutique   and finally 5. You can make this gorgeous quilted playmat by following Purl Bees tutorial online here

Photo of Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum at Home in São Paulo via The Selby

Have been threatening to make a polish chandelier for our home but it's just another project that has slipped by .... maybe this summer? In any case if you fancy making one of your own, Jordan of Oh Happy Day has a wonderful tutorial on her blog which you can check out here