Poisson d'Avril


Poisson d'Avril, The French Muse The message on the front of the postcard reads:

«Joli poisson d'Avril écoute bien mon cœur,

Et dis à mon amie qu'elle est tout mon bonheur.»

Pretty 'Poisson d'Avril' listen closely to my heart,

And tell my friend that she fills my heart.

This is the most perfect card to send to my friend Claire Lee, who paints so splendidly with sound and who has created a beautiful playlist of music exclusively for The French Muse to tie in with April Fools day - or as we say in France ' Poisson d'Avril'.

back of poisson avril

The words on the back read...

«Je les pêche,

Dans les fleuves,

De l'amitié,

Faites le cuire,

Dans la poêle,

Du Souvenir»

These handwritten words speak of love and friendship on a postcard sent to Mademoiselle Berthe Arnassan for April Fools day.  In the late 19th to early 20th century, 'Poisson d'Avril' postcards where regularly sent to loved ones as the fish symbolized remembrance and hidden feelings. Often the postcards were sent anonymously by secret admirers leaving the recipient only their imagination to determine the sender.

I hope you enjoy and listen to it over and over as I have.


Happy 1st of April