Spring cleaning the atelier, snaps of recent flea market treasures

Now with the website for The French Muse finished and live, I've dared to step inside my neglected atelier to give it a spring clean and a bit of TLC. I hung these incredible 1800s lace and tulle curtains, which are pretty much 'dans leur jus' after 120 years of use but the way the light shines through them is just beyond pretty. I found them at the brocante and might have muffled a teeny squeal of joy when the dealer sold them for a euro.

lace rideaux

One of my favourite finds of recent weeks was a series of rusty tins all with funny titles on them, the real treasure lay inside. Skeins of the tiniest jewel toned steel beads.

steel beads

Another Sunday not so long ago, I wandered around the stands with my friend Corey Amaro, just watching her brocante is simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying, she has such an expert eye that she quickly snaps up the good stuff before you even have the time to scan the table and utter 'bonjour'. I did happen to pick up some charming trinkets and at home when I put them all together I allowed myself to imagine all these items in the handbag of beautiful women from the 20s. Her lipstick case still smudged with red inside, a photograph of her lover and love tokens.


My favourite finds go into this shelf on my desk so I can look and admire them as I work. To the left are some of my all time favourite ribbons made in late 1800s and to the right are rolls of beautiful hand printed wallpaper that I hope to use one day in our new home.

favourite things

Something about the texture and pattern that the real gold thread makes against the french typeface makes my heart beat that much faster.

gold thread

Inside another of my magical tins, real metal sequins, blown glass bugle beads and tiny stainless steel beads, just beautiful

antique beads

I've cleared a space on a shelf for my antique textiles, some vintage Souleaido prints, an 1800s boutis, art deco velvet, gold trimmed vestment robes and lace. Delicious to see be able to see them and not have them hidden away in a drawer.


A bientot!