Suzanne Jongmans, explorations of texture, the present and the past


1724249_724684887615329_8196056751868916687_n I am still stunned after discovering the portfolio of Dutch artist, Suzanne Jongman, whose photographic portrait series explores textures, evoking the past through our memories of the great Dutch masters but with a clin d'oeil to modern consumerism. I just love how she juxtoposes the noble beauty of her subjects and the lowly packing and insulation materials she has used , transforming them into something exquisitive.

"The portraits are a certain reference to Holbein, Clouet, Vermeer and Holland's Golden Age.  It is no coincidence. In fact, in the 16th and 17th century, laid the foundations for photography. Call it the prehistory of photography. It appears that the artists have used photographic images, they could not yet capture. In fact, there was the phenomenon of photography so much earlier. This is an atavism of the Golden Age and the early days of the invention of photography.


"I use the elements in the present as in the past, the objects in my work are used as symbols of values. I mutate old costumes into new plastics and old masters in new photographic works. By using time foreign materials, plastics and techno's, I am creating a time crux, a tension of time."  FS8_owendedialoog_gr