The creme brulee debacle

The creme brulee debacle The French Muse  Oh the joys of good food, combined with the dizzying high you get from having an afternoon to spend with one of your favourite girlfriends.

It's enough to make you lose your mind and....order dessert.

The creme brulee debacle The French Muse

Image via Corey Amaro

As the waitress brought our divine desserts to the table, a hush fell over the table for the first time in hours, we were lost for words.

If you know Corey and I, the only time you won't hear us either chatting or laughing heartily is when we are either hunting for brocante treasure or.... before a dreamy plate of loveliness.

I was woken from my cracking caramel reverie by the mutterings of two French ladies beside us.

"Quelles gourmands!"

...which roughly translates as "Look at the greedy glutons" with a look of 'they should be ashamed of themselves' thrown in for good measure.

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Without thinking I turned to Corey and Maggie and told them we had just been called gluttons, we all laughed in agreement.

I turned to the two ladies who were still staring in shock at our calorific irresponsability and smiled as I responded "On ne vit qu'une fois"- we only live once and asked if they would like a taste.

Their shock and embarassment at having been overheard (and understood),  was nearly as delicious as scraping our creme brulée pots clean.

...just deserts and worth every calorie!