The Irish Mammy gene

Loved reading the fun piece in the Irish Times today about the DNA breakdown of a typical Irish male...especially their 'IMG - Irish Mammy gene'

IMG The “Irish Mother Gene”, generally inactive in males, encourages a feeling of martyrdom in childbearing females, while also causing them to worship their sons. Scientists believe it may have a secondary role in spleen production, which would explain why younger, childless women can be severely scornful about the “Irish Mammy” phenomenon, before they too give birth and – possibly triggered by progesterone – the IMG takes over their personalities.

or theR1/TTJ gene....

R1/TTJ Despite a reputation for rebelliousness, most people in Ireland are deeply reluctant to complain about things publicly: whether by returning unsatisfactory food in restaurants, like Americans, or hijacking vehicles and setting fire to them, like the French. But an estimated 10,000 Irish people have a mutant gene that gives rise to a disorder known as R1/TTJ, which makes them want to complain about everything, to the largest possible audience. The condition is named after a well-known radio station and one of its catchphrases: “Talk to Joe”.

or indeed the BEG gene...he he he

BEG Located on chromosome 21, the Irish begrudgery gene primarily exercises a memory-control function. When triggered by a friend’s lottery win, a colleague’s promotion or a neighbour’s purchase of a top-of-the-range BMW, it calls up a photographic image of that person, earlier in life, when he “didn’t have an arse in his trousers”. See also LRH.

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