Time is everything


One of the major pluses to living in Lacoste is the chance to meet and marvel at the talented SCAD art students who come to Lacoste for 8 week semesters. The end of term vernissage for the Spring Term was just beautiful... I walked into several studios and was simply spellbound.... I never wanted to leave and I wanted to take everything home with me .......except that I am NOT ALLOWED due to physically not having any wall space left!

Two photography students who I came to really like and admire are Emily Detrick and Ashley Banks. Emily jumped in at the last minute and assisted at my recent photo shoot with The Gloss magazine and thank god she did as she is a photography genie and when everything starting going wrong she stepped in with her brilliant camera/tripod/reflector action and photographic skill!

And as if assisting in photo shoots is not enough, both Emily and Ashley were part of a wonderful bunch of students who came to my house and helped me decorate all of the cakes I'd baked for our fundraising event for creative workshops for the school children of Lacoste...I'll be posting photos from our event in a few days.

I loved Ashleys video that she created of her time in France and I am perhaps bias because Charlotte has a brief cameo in it but I wanted to share it with you here.

[vimeo 66465027]

I also fell madly in love with the entire exhibition of fibres artist Liz Robb and urge you to check out her work!

I also wanted to shout-out to the group of wonderful SCAD Lacoste students who, unbeknownst to me, decided to sell their crochet chains to raise money towards our creative workshops for the school children of Lacoste. I was incredibly touched by their initiative and they will not be forgotten! MERCI BEAUCOUP to Carla González, Deidra Meysembourg, Callie Shea Christner, Beth Fortson, Dana Bailey, Eliza Nordhoff, Elizabeth Susan, Jamie Lyn Kara, Larkin Summerlin, Mackenzie Huffman, Mackenzie Primack, Mafe Soltero, Makenzye Barfieldmakenzye, Marissa Agypt, Marv Graff, Mary Stafford, Melissa Paige Sixma, Morgan Spurr Johnson, Nona Julianne, Tara Gainer, Ashley Morgan, Clarissa Bean, Pamela Wiley (Professor), Robyn Kaechele