I was really excited about the Vernissage for the summer term of SCAD Lacoste, the village has been buzzing with creativity since the students and Profs arrived in early June and glimpses into their studios over the last few months gave me a taste for the talent and work to appetite was also fuelled by their painting blog, which the Head of Painting, Todd Schroeder maintained over the semester. If you are an art lover you should definitely make the effort to visit the SCAD Lacoste exhibitions which are held at the end of each term. En plus, as SCAD Lacoste open all of their studio and exhibition spaces it is always a treat to get to take a tour around the houses and ancient buildings of Lacoste which have been lovingly restored by SCAD and their restoration teams....

Here is a glimpse into what is known as the 'Secret Garden' of SCAD Lacoste....legend has it that it is so-called because for years nobody knew who it belonged was only after much rooting around in ancient village deeds did SCAD realise that it belonged to their property. This is the first ever time I've seen behind that imposing wooden door and artist Megan Mosholder was fortunate enough to use this space for his installation.

Here is my mum posing in front of a wonderful wall where you can get a glimpse of the wrapped rocks...I actually love this idea from a decorating point of would be a simple enough way of injecting colour into an outdoor space and in case you can't see the detail, each rock has been wrapped in hand dyed thread.

Here is my favourite piece of the entire exhibition, a very large painting on linen by Emma Balder....I camped outside the painting Studio for an hour before doors opened (and sales could begin) in order to snap this up and it now hangs pride of place in our house above our fireplace....LOVE IT!

And here is my friend Honor Bowman in her studio, behind her is a mural she painted for the Vernissage

And here are two of her abstract studies which are now hanging in my atelier.....they'll always remind me of her!