Where the magic is woven


So I think you must know by now just how proud I am to be part of the Faure family whose silk and ribbon factory celebrated their 150th anniversary in 2014. Stepping on to the 'Jacquard metier' floor for the first time, is a memory I will never forget for as long as I live.

orange silk montage

The clac - clac - clac of the navettes weaving back and forth is hypnotic and utterly seductive, drawing you into the belly of where all this beauty is woven.

coloured threads

The passementiers, many of whom are highly skilled fifth generation artisans, comb through the thousands of threads with a wonderful combination of delicacy and immediacy that reminds me of a concert harpist making music.

thread montage

It is intoxicating to watch these women and men, deep in concentration, a secret language binding them to become one with the majestic 150 year old jacquard metiers that tower above and around them.

bobbin and metier montage

There is poetry everywhere you look. Unassuming bundles of silk on bobbins with handwritten notes attached call to me.

montage two metiers

New technology stands shoulder to shoulder with beautiful ancient restored metiers, mirroring the traditions and knowledge that have been passed down and evolving from one generation to the next.

machine montage

 It is a love affair, an orchestra of silk, an altar to beauty and heritage.

The French Muse, images from Julien Faure,

You can visit the official website of Julien Faure here