Works in progress, making jewellery for Rubanesque


I got busy the last few days finally finishing some necklace projects that I have been procrastinating over for weeks, I'll be sharing some of the projects over the next few days. Sometimes I remember to snap some photographs during the making process and in this particular case, I documented it quite thoroughly as I was taking apart a piece of 140 year old trim and needed to ensure I could restore and rebead it as it was originally (albeit adding my own touch in the process). So here is a little look behind the scenes of how this Jet Trim necklace came together.


The foundation of this piece was an incredible salesman sample of handmade black silk passementerie trim from 1870. It features heavy jet beading and was in need of a little love and restoration, so I took on the task and in doing so I added some antique czech copper glass beads and antique french metal sequins. I then added a section of fil d'or antique gold trim from the family archives and attached some black grosgrain ribbon.